New Rules of Facebook

The Fun Stuff 😉

The Lessons

We suggest that you first scroll down and download the done for you statuses book and read through the introduction as it will help you understand the lessons better.

When is the best time to post on Facebook is an audio lesson. Feel free to listen to it via the player below or downloading the audio file as an .mp3 by clicking here.

Below you'll find a number of things to download. The first is your copy of "done for you statuses". This should be read first so that you understand the posting schedules.

Below that, there are 5 different posting schedules including a blank template. Feel free to use our pre-made schedule if it suits you or create your own based off of the guidelines in the book and videos.


Jon and Jason

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Click on each video to play it.  You can watch the video in full screen and in HD if you wish (recommended).